About the Author: Kimberley Neeson

Kimberley Neeson has been working in court reporting for 30 years. She has a number of affiliations, including the National Court Reporters Association and the Chartered Shorthand Reporters Association of Ontario, and has won awards and recognition in the field.

She earned her degree from a now-closed school called R.E.T.S. Court Reporting School and got her first job in 1982 as Official English Court Reporter of the County Court in Ontario. By 1989 she was working for the Supreme Court and was a full-time court reporter for the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario.

Kimberley then worked as a freelance court reporter for a few years before starting her own business. She now owns Neeson & Associates Court Reporting and Captioning Inc. and Neeson Arbitration Chambers. She holds 6 certifications (CSR, RPR, CRR, CPC, CBC and Accredited Realtime Systems Administrator), has served 2 terms as President of the Chartered Shorthand Reporters Association of Ontario and was named as 1 of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in 2010 and 2011 by Profit W100.

As a top court reporter, Kimberley was privileged to work on some very interesting cases, which will give you a sense of the sort of experiences you might enjoy in this diverse field. She provided same-day and overnight transcripts on the famed R. v. Ernst Zundel case, in which the Canadian government convicted a Holocaust denier for disseminating fabricated literature. She also captioned the Franklin D. Roosevelt Award Ceremonies when then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien was awarded at the United Nations.

Kimberley credits her own success to learning from people working in the profession. She believes that, since much of your education in school is theoretical, getting information from people immersed in a real-life situation makes a tremendous difference and gives you a more complete education. She found it really helpful and hopes to be of the same help to you. Throughout this site, Kimberley gives you extensive information on the education and skills needed to be successful in court reporting.